Stop The Fear

You know what pisses me off? These stupid people that fear and want to stop bringing in 25,000 Syrian refugees into Canada, do you honestly think they are not going to be closely watched? Do you think they are coming with belt bombs and AK47's? Why do you even fear terrorists? Is that not giving in to what they are trying to do to people? Do you fucking realize that your more likely to get killed by a moose, struck by lightning or win the lottery than be killed or injured by a terrorist? Even if there are terrorists with the refugees then we are just taking the burden off the rest of the free world where they may strike, yes they may kill if they are not cought, if there are terrorists with the refugees and we don't take them in then they will strike at someone else, so why can't we take some of that burden to stop this terrorism? The price of freedom has always been paid in blood and will continue to be paid in blood until all of the people of the world unite to stop fearing each other. Get a grip on yourselves and stop being racist and start being Canadian helping countries in need. People need to stop being fearful of slim possibilities and get their heads out of their ass. People need to realize by fearing terrorists is giving them the support they are looking for, it makes people dislike Muslims, that leads to racism, that leads to some of them to hate us back feeling unsafe and hated in our country, that can lead to radicalism of those who even were born in Canada that are of that religion and can push them into terrorism. I hate religion and you can hate religion too but don't hate the people who worship it because they are only human like you or me. So please fight terrorism and Stop The Fear. Morn the losses, support freedom but Stop The Fear. If you don't then you will be unknowingly supporting terrorism and taking freedom from innocent people such as yourself by spreading fear and racism that will cause stricter laws the government will put in place to give you the illusion that you are safe. Stop The Fear. —The Spiked Viking

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