Be Smart

Funny how most pedestrians blame the drivers for people getting hit in Cross walks. Honestly in the end it is the fault of the pedestrian. We should be smart enough to know being aware of what's going on around you well help keep you safe. We learned it as children before Crossing we look both ways, make eye contact and once all traffic has STOPPED For you then you can safely walk across. The real problem is most people are too self-involved and self entitled these days to think they should have to stand and wait the 30 seconds it may take for traffic to stop for them. So they just walk out thinking that right of way will protect them, guess what it doesn't. SURPRISE. You hear about people getting hit by busses and garbage trucks, how far up your own ass is your head when you don't see or hear something that big, slow and loud coming towards you. Wake up people please stop blaming your stupidity on the drivers. My 4 and 8 year old kids can cross a street safely, wanna know why ? Because they wait until traffic has STOPPED for them, pretty easy right ? Lets all try it FFS —Get your head out of your asses people

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