Early Morning Sexual Harassment on Metro Transit

A young-ish male student, absolutely covered in cologne, got on the No. 1 (Mumford) bus this morning and sat beside me. This would have been fine (albeit smelly) if the entire bus had not been otherwise empty. It might still have been fine if he had not chosen to stretch out, exceeding the visible boundaries of his seat into my personal space, and proceed to try to rest his hand under my ass. This encounter has left me feeling absolutely disgusted and humiliated. I cried when describing it to my coworkers. It is bad enough that I have grown to expect unwanted male attention on the streets and buses of Halifax at night, but now it seems that I have been painfully naive in believing the city to be safer by day. I hope anyone reading this will take a good look at the behaviour exhibited by themselves, their friends, and the people they see in public, because this can not be tolerated. Openly disapprove. Explain that it is not funny, not a joke, or a type of flirtation. Do not expect me or anyone else who encounters this sort of harassment to be flattered by the attention. My well practiced "resting bitch face" may deter some people from approaching me and potentially harassing me, but it certainly didn't work today. I can only hope that the threat of being held accountable by the public and by their peers may give these misguided people pause before ruining someone else's morning, afternoon, day, or evening. I am tired of this. —Disheartened Halifax Female


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