Fuck you Transit

You totally abandoned me when trying to get to the Halifax Forum from the airport on a Sunday night. 22h30 should not be too late an arrival time to make it home, safe and sound. I don't know where to begin. Everything about this fucking process was fucking fucked up. Let me try and just mention the most obvious: 1. the locations where the 320 begins and ends are chosen by people in lala-land, who never had to carry their own suitcase (airport and downtown - but that's old, of course, and I shouldn’t be upset every time I travel), 2. The schedule and route info for times when the MacDonald Bridge is closed are practically useless (who the fuck understands the Riders' Guide? It only says what you are NOT doing but not what you ARE doing). 3. The entire shuttle system anyways (why doesn't the 320 just drive over the MacKay Bridge? Seriously! Why do you make me freeze my ass off for 10 min. at the Dartmouth Bridge Terminal? To make sure that I miss the very last connection I could have gotten on Barrington? Why does the shuttle run as a circle line and does not stop on Northern stops on it's way downtown?). 4. Why don't you provide your drivers with the knowledge and skills that would make them helpful to the public? Even the few drivers that are well-intended don't know what's going on. The information they provided was simply WRONG. And let me break it to you: they have no respect for you either (not that I expect you to give a shit.) 5. No schedule posted at stops and whatever might be there in terms of information is not legible in the dark . And I was not the only at 12:15 am at Scotia Square trying to figure shit out. It was cold and dark and late. Shame on you! Does anyone of you responsible for 'designing' this sad excuse of a public transportation system EVER use a fucking bus yourself? Probably not .... I will boycott you wherever and whenever I can - and think about it: I live here, I know at least the basics .... What do you expect will be the experience of our guests and visitors from 'away' or abroad? Is this what you will let them live through? Uncaring 3rd world standards in public transportation? Fuck you Transit! —DKW2B (Don't know where to begin)

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