Hit and Run- Willow Street (Close to Clifton St)

HEY YOU. You hit my friend's car last night at around 3:00 or 4:00am on Willow St, and left a massive dent in the front of it with no note or anything. I've been taking care of her car as she is out of the country, and you have 1. ruined her vacation 2. are costing me a disgusting amount of money for your mistake and 3. made me lose faith in human kind. THE ONE TIME I park on the street and you hit it. I hope you understand how awful that is of you, and I hope you feel terribly guilty about it. If you want to clear you conscience I suggest you reach out to me to fix this. If anyone saw anything last night or has any information at all about this please let me know. I really don't have money to pay for someone else's error, and that person should not be able to get away with this. The car that hit it probably has a broken head light as there was pieces all around her car this morning when I found it. —Broke, Angry, but willing to forgive if you come forward

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