Cute Extreme Couponer Wannabe

To the cute, "Extreme Couponer" brunette at a certain grocery store in Dartmouth on Sunday evening who was with what I assume is your father. You unscrupulous! The cashier told me all about you, you thief! It's because of people like you is why I hate the world. The store knows all your tricks, sweetheart. Like, how you try to use coupons to try and lower the final total on your bill without actually having to buy the item you are using the coupon for; and lying about having a "rain cheque" to get items with expired coupons; and how you were caught peeling "50% off" stickers off of one item and sticking it on another item that you are using a coupon for; and combining coupons to lower your final total even further knowing full well you can't do that. How do you sleep at night? I'm all for being a thrifty shopper, but when you pull dishonest stunts like what you do, you make everyone suspect in the store's eyes. In your cute little twisted head, you probably think that even though you are actually handing over an amount of money to the store, you are technically not "shoplifting". I've got news for you sweetheart, the next time I see you, I am following you around the store and watching you like a hawk, and I will report you to the staff of the store if I catch you pulling one of your stunts. As I already said, you are VERY attractive, but I would bet anything you are single and can't keep a man because no self-respecting dude would put up with your shit. —Hate Cheap

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