Women need to stand up

I'm going to say this, because its relevant and meaningful. A woman has a right to stand up for herself, at all times. Trying to make a living should not stand in the way of achieving this very desire. Being an independent and opinionated woman in any context is not wrong. Standing up against misogyny and white privileged attitudes in any context, is not to be censored or mediated by some absolute form or righteousness. Since when does being part of an institution mean that you need to subject yourself to belittlement, prejudice, degrading behavior and silent pain hidden behind a veil of " professional and standard conduct " ? I think there is something to be said about what " professionalism " entails, and how much a woman is supposed to swallow silently, before a line is drawn. There is nothing progressive about repressing your feelings, repressing your right to an opinion, and repressing your need for self respect in the form of you, standing up for yourself. The most obvious truth is that humans are individuals, and women are very much so a part of this equation. Seems ridiculous to standardize the behavior of such a vast array of people, in the name of Capitalism and preserving archaic systematic delivery of silent misery. There is nothing standard about humans. There is nothing beautiful about Capitalism, and there is nothing progressive about treating other people like shit for being individuals who desire self respect. That's my 2 cents. As a woman living in Nova Scotia, I am very disappointed that I cannot seem to find a way to be able to stand up for myself, and not have to worry about preserving employment. I personally think that this is because of gender related issues, and I think we all, as women, should be concerned about this, and should voice our options and thoughts on the matter. Its not because I am a woman, that I am in a constant state of pleasantness and sweetness. I'm allowed to be offended, I'm allowed to be insulted, and I am allowed to show emotion. Fuck your archaic gender standards. —GirlGoneWild

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