You're not enlightened, you're an asshole

Ok, we get. youre super enlightened. Your parents bought you a vacation to south america and you paid some local dude to take drugs with you because you heard Joe Rogan talk about it once. Now youre back in Halifax with new beads in your dreads, some stupid fucking geometry tattoo, and an insufferable ego. Please stop. Please stop talking about how much of an anarchist you are when you cant stop jerking off to pictures of earthships on your Macbook Pro while stomping your birkenstocks. Youre a trust fundy who doesnt have to pay rent because youre parents pay it for you- this doesnt make people who work for their rent "sellouts". No one cares that you took topless photos in front of a mountain range. You dont support the enviornment, you hugged a tree on mdma one time. You know that novel your working on? Writing it on a typewriter doesnt make it better, it just makes you look like a fucking idiot when you snapchat it on your new iphone. Oh you picked up a banjo? maybe its time to start playing it instead of taking pictures next to it like youre some folk musician from the backcountry. —ornery person 9000


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