Dear Doctor Stupidface:

I took the time out of my day to draft an excellent cover letter to you and you asked me via email to come to your clinic for an interview first thing that morning. I received no phone call. When I checked my email later in the morning, I saw that you had sent a one liner "Ok i will interview you. Can you come in today for 8:45?" I explained to you that I was just now getting your email...I asked for another interview time, but you chose to ignore me. I'm sooo sorry that I'm not a clairvoyant who knew to sit on her thumbs in front of the computer. I didn't see in my crystal ball that you'd email, demanding I fly over to your end of Halifax on a second's notice. Or maybe you were annoyed that I accidentally referred to you by your first name, rather than "Doctor So and so"... Well, DOCTOR, people out here are looking for work, we are struggling and we spent hours of our valuable time applying to hundreds jobs like this. Most illicit no response, and when we hear back from someone, we get our hopes up. The very least you could do is let a candidate know you decided to hire someone else. Well lady, you did me a favor as I wouldn't want to work with someone that demanding, rude, unprofessional and narcissistic anyway. Thanks for wasting my time! —Promoting compassion, communication and collaboration in health care - yeah right.

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