You Monsters

It's been well over a year since the bright light of my life left. I don't yell, or get angry, I'm not argumentative. The worst I've been lately is avoidant and judgmental, but not actively, and it's not without reason. You're all monsters. You're all fucking disgusting angry people who revel in being cynical fucks to everyone. You avoid any kind of light in another human being and proceed to rip them apart cause it's "funny" or because "I'm just speaking the truth. Some people can't stand a little honesty". No, you're using that as a poor excuse to hate other people. You don't ever truly ask how someone's day is going, to talk to them and have a conversation about them. You say it either as an aside or as a way to start talking about yourself. You use people for sex, and call them annoying for becoming somewhat attached. Not me, I've become asexual as of late, but I've seen you people do this. Maybe for a moment they just wanted to be cared about and become little free. You use them for drugs, for food, shelter, and offer nothing in return, except for your "friendship" which is caustic. You only talk about yourself. I have a friend. He considers me a good friend. He never asks me questions about my life. Some may say "well why don't you just tell him about it". Except when we do, you creatures just pull out your phones and start browsing the internet. You don't truly care about us, you care solely about yourself and you're not even good at hiding it. You are conceited fucks, to the point where you'll subtly put others down for not being as good as you. Part of having a dream is having the illusion, but you must destroy that in others. You justify it because "the real world is tough and unforgiving." No it's not. You're making it that way because you want to see people hurt. You want to others to see you as powerful. But you're not. You're fucking pathetic. You're insignificant, and anything that you could offer our repeated revolutions will forever be hidden behind your need for self satisfaction and emotional violence. No one wants to fucking be with you because you're a monster who doesn't know how to be a good fucking person. Don't you fucking understand this? Don't you fucking get it? The good virtues, and caring about others, you can't see them because YOUR FUCKING VISION DOESN'T STEP AN INCH OUT OF YOUR OWN CAVED IN FUCKING SKULLS. I hate you. I hate what you've done to humanity. You've ruined everything that's good by putting a layer of filth over the human experience. You can try to justify whatever you want. You're a horrible person. You're horrible people. And your first fucking step after reading this will be to decry me so that you don't need to look inside yourself and sift through the black fucking sludge you call a heart. So shut the fuck up, do what you do best and think about yourself, but this time, use that introspection to figure out how to become a better person, instead of using it to jack off your petty soul. Anyone who practices being a humble, good person, looks at their flaws and tries to make themselves better to promote more positive emotions in others and themselves. Good on you, this isn't about you. You gotta cut these horrible people out of your lives. Be alone if you have to. But be receptive to others. Don't let them take your heart from you, and if you have the patience which I clearly don't have, help them find theirs. —Your Prey


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