Stop Enabling Street Corner Scammers!

People will you all clue in to the "poor down on their luck " posers that are at just about every busy intersection and street corner with their hand out , the Tim`s cup or the perfectly scripted cardboard sign , asking for your money that you are either driving to work in the morning to earn or coming home at night after labouring to earn it. These so-called hungry and homeless take buses and some even own a car and drive to the high visibility corners to stand for 4-6 hours taking your hard earned cash ! some pose with a cane or a limp , but I have seen them on the buses carrying cane under arm getting on and off the bus , or sprinting across the street when the day of sucking you in for cash is done. The old guy at Walmart Bayers lake , he drives to his spot to take money from fools, The guy at Washmill & Chainlake takes the bus both ways and can be heard while on the bus chatting with his buddies on his IPHONE of where he is setting up. Windsor street exchange is no better and they con you with a poor dog enduring the cold to suck you in. —Late for work - cause an idiot stopped to give away money.

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