Park Lane BLOWS UP

I have never been in a major multiplex movie theatre that has as much problem with sound bleeding between cinemas as Park Lane. Since Park Lane makes up probably 3/4 of all my moviegoing, that means a lot of semi-ruined movies. If you're watching a quiet, talky movie (or something that's supposed to be moody and suspenseful), there's a good chance the experience will be effed up by the BLAM BLAM BLAM! RUMMMMMMBLLLEEEE BOOM of some action movie in the cinema next door. (Like, I probably would have found The Witch a lot scarier and more suspenseful if the KABLAMBOOMMMMMM of Deadpool showing next door hadn't been audible throughout the whole damn thing.) Movies are better on the big screen, when the theatre is doing its best to project them properly. Step up your game, Park Lane! Install some more soundproofing! Additional bitch: Out-of-focus and/or dim projection. I know modern digital projection means most of the films are turned on and left untended, but check on them once in a while, eh? It sucks ass to pay $11.99 plus exorbitant concession prices, and then have to watch a movie that looks like a bootleg stream on a power-saving laptop. —Only Wanna Hear One Movie at a Time

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