ECT is forced and coerced on to people. Regardless of whether or not your placebo or brain damage makes you feel better, you're supporting and advocating tools ECT and an industry PSYCHIATRY that UNLAWFULLY forces chemical and electrical treatments on human beings. If ECT made you "better" i challenge you to ask yourself; Does it feel good to support or even worse actively advocate something that violates and damages so many people? Is there an alternative? (I know there is). I found my happiness in helping others. My work with civil rights and freeing 'un needs met' people from psychiatric torture, makes me feel good, it adds meaning and clarity. I think you could try helping people with severe physical and cognitive impairment. Perhaps then you will appreciate your life. Disclaimer; There's always exceptions and though the majority have been deceived in to believing mental health and biological psychiatry propaganda, there's of course people with severe and evident impairments that aside from again, rare exceptions, are diagnosable biologically. The FACT that psychiatry uses CLINICAL "evidence" to remove a person's medical and spiritual autonomy, should highlight to any "sane" person, the disgraceful pseudo-scientific BUSINESS of Kontrol that psychiatry really is. You want to stop the "stigma"? That aside from the usual bullies, is really just a reverse psychiatry tactic to silence the survivor movement and play victim. A corporate victim. Then stop forced treatment immediately! If one well person, misdiagnosed is subsequently given powerful psychiatric drugs that they don't need and can and does cause suicidal ideation and infertility, isn't that one too many? Are you willing to sacrifice me for your own happiness even though I smile at everyone I see and act with love wherever I can? —D.C.

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