YOU are the reason we “even need a Woman's Day”

Dear Some Guy on my Facebook: As a woman, I found your Women's Day “equality” post extremely offensive. This is a day where we should be sensitive to the kinds of things we write publicly, since women are killed every day by gender violence, caused by the sexism that is still well and alive in your post. When you start off your post on “equality” about how you’re “not really sure” why we “even need a Women's Day,” I am here to inform you that in fact, YOU are the reason we “even need a Women's Day.”

It is guys like you, who take March 8 as an opportunity to get up on their Facebook podiums and start preaching about equality to gain likes and ego-boosting kudos from friends and family, who also do not understand sexism BEYOND the vague notion they have of it and clearly do not give any thought to the entire rest of the year. You probably didn’t spend an ounce of time learning about sexism today, but still thoroughly enjoyed the praise you received from your sexist post. Your obvious lack of awareness about your own internalized sexism is why, instead of taking the time you took to write your post, you should have just went to the library and picked up a feminist or women's issues book for March 8. That would really help us a lot.

Your attempt to “smooth things over with a joke” at the end of your post is another testimony to why we “even need a Women's Day.” Quoting your outro: “...And yes. Your ass looks more then fine. #womensday.” Quick lesson on sexism: it’s not just the fact that you are objectifying us into single body parts, or even the fact that you assumed we wanted or needed your approval on how our body looks, or that you even assumed that you would be the one to give that approval, or that you even assumed by having what YOU deem as a “nice ass” would make us feel “empowered.”

Sexism pervades women’s every day lives and it becomes harder to notice when we are not educated, and therefore, it becomes impossible to stop. Fuck, fuck the Facebook likes. Fuck what people think about you. Go educate yourself. —Signed, a Pissed-Off Feminist and Regular Girl Who’s Just Tired of This Shit

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