Stop making people disposable

Dating is hard. Making friends is even harder. Why are we so quick to just dispose of good people? To The Australian, The Chef, The Lawyer, The Artist, The Electrician, YA's Friend and anyone else I may encounter in the future: I'm not perfect by any means. But I am pretty, I am smart and funny. I am very caring and helpful. I am loyal and honest. I am fun and adventurous, I like to try new things - things you like. I give the best blowjob you've ever had and I am the most sexually open and experienced person that you'll likely ever meet. So why then did you just walk out of my life like I am nothing, like I was never anything to you? I never said I wanted to marry any of you. I never said that we had to be together all the time. I also didn't even suggest that we had to only see each other exclusively. I am relatively new to town, and I was looking for friends. Of course one day I'd like to stumble upon more, but above all the times we've fucked and fooled around we've hung out and had fun - as friends. If you've decided that my loose skin from losing so much weight was too much for you to handle and you'd rather move on and find someone who is tight and toned, I get it. My body is fucked up. But I'm not. I'm a good person. I'm reasonable. I understand that that you might want someone less physically damaged, I even told you that from the beginning. What I don't understand is, why aren't we friends? Why do you no longer value and respect me as e person? Why don't we hang out? I'm still willing to bet that though missy might have tighter abs she's not as pretty as me, nor as nice, as funny, as smart. She also more than likely doesn't have my kind of hair, the hair that made you swipe right in the first place. The hair that you love to tangle your fingers in. You might be able to coach her into doing the things that I do in bed, but will she be as chill and relaxed as I am? Will she understand your humour or have enough of her own to make you laugh? I'm a good friend, not a disposable sex toy. Why am I being treated as one? —Eyed and Curly Haired Insatiable Sex Toy

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