What's going on with Feminism lately?

I'll begin this post by stating that I am a proud feminist. I love being a feminist, and ever since I first started learning about Feminism in undergrad, I've been hooked. But what's going on with Feminism lately? It's totally disorganized and it's lost it's edge. There is no forward movement anymore - it's just a self-serving mess of half-ideas perpetuated by pseudo-feminists who've read some articles on Buzzfeed but have never heard of Kimberle Crenshaw. And you know what sucks the most about this "new wave" of Feminism? As a collective, it might actually be true that we are "those women" who conservative men love to bitch about. On social media - the only place that matters these days - we are dismissive, exclusive and intolerant. We bitch about everything, but don't actually do anything. So what's happening? Here's my two cents: The only people feminists are talking to these days are other feminists. And isn't that defeating the purpose of a social movement? If I know what I'm talking about, and YOU know what I'm talking about, then why are we talking to each other? We should be out there talking to and educating people who don't get it yet. Men who bitch about the word "Feminism", like "It's an exclusive word, it's for man-haters, it doesn't include me." Well, what if they're onto something? I'm going to say it: Maybe we should change the word "Feminism". The obvious response is to say that people who think this are the people who need the word "Feminism" the most. I know that, and YOU know that. But we're Feminists. What if the best way to get through to non-feminists is to approach it from a different angle? Feminism has evolved so much over the years that the word doesn't really encapsulate all that it means anymore, anyway. And if our REAL goal is to change people's minds and get people on board, then maybe we need to listen to the masses and make a risky move. Maybe it's time for a fresh start. —Intersectional Feminist Humanist

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