Bus Seat Police

To the guy on the bus who "needed" to point out the available seat my backpack was on loudly to everyone on the bus: there were other seats available. I don't know what I did to offend you, but you don't know me and why I had my backpack there. I have severe arthritis and that day I could barely sit in my seat much less have a bag sit on my bad leg; it was that painful and swollen. Your declaration to the bus about my seat was rude. Do you freak out on the mothers who block three seats with their strollers too? If someone needed/asked for the seat I could have accommodated them (putting my bag on the floor was an option but not one I prefer since bending over also hurts). Just because I don't use a cane or have crutches doesn't mean I am a fully mobile individual, you jerk. I hope your self-important bus-seat policing made you feel like the "big man" you were pretending to be. To me you looked like the biggest jerk I've encountered in a long while. —Bus rider

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