Mad Man

My (male) roommate and I recently started watching Mad Med on Netflix. After the first couple of episodes he made a comment to the effect of "Holy shit, that must be an awesome place to work". I also think it might be cool to work in advertising but I got the impression that he was talking about something else all together (the way the women are treated). After following up with his comment he admitted that he wanted to work somewhere where he could drink in his office and, yes, have free range over the female employees. Disgusting! After he said this I got a bit angry and he tried to back-peddle, like men often do when you call them out on their bullshit, and attempted to justify this by saying that it was just a show and that his comment was "no big deal". When I pointed out that women are still very much treated this way by men in the workplace he "called bullshit" and refused to accept the fact that women are viewed as sexual objects in the workplace and elsewhere. It's been four days since this disagreement and I still can't look at him. Men, you have no fucking right to tell a woman what here experiences are or have been and certainly no right to "call bullshit" on someone for stating the facts, whether you agree with them or not. Try shutting up and listening for once! —Looking to live elsewhere


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