When you feel you must let someone make a left turn across your lane of traffic you must signal some other way other than your hands.
we cant see your hands.
we see the blue sky.
sometimes we can see your hands gesturing to go ahead but usually it looks like a car coming to a stop. we might catch the hand signal behind your windshield glare but it might be too late... you're mad now and using the gas to show the world your not nice now. some of you are shaking your head mad that we didn't see your hand signals under the glare of sky on your windshield... you now think we are stupid for not taking your nice gesture...
many of you do this.
you have car signals
you can flash the can beep your horns and flash lights. all are visible.
the other thing of waving to someone to go ahead is suppose to be nice but its dangerous and you just have not idea that no one can see you if the sky is a perfect picture on your windshield....
none of this would matter if you didn't slam on the gas and show your now mad I didn't know you were letting me go.
theres quite a few of you that forget no one can see you and that you have lights with light bulbs on your exterior for the purpose of signalling...
tell a friend... flash your high beams if you want to truly be a nice driver and have patience... don't signal from inside your car with your hands .... and then get mad driving reckless because it didn't allow you to be nice successfully.
Flash your highbeams and a smile. nothing more. no gas pedal jamming in anger. never.
—Waiting safely

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