Class Warfare

Uggh, the most nauseating people are the newly working-middle class, Always have to show off and prove they are a step above the poor with their brand new 20k cars, or 40k Luxo-Trucks and wall to wall particle board furniture and tacky vacations they never shut up about.... Meanwhile the 100k a year people drive 5 year old cars mention they went on a trip and take a few photos and put them on FB... have tasteful new furniture or antiques and don't ramble on about how people 5-10 dollars an hour beneath them to need to be enslaved so they can keep buying tacky disposable crap, tattoos, redneck vacations and a brand new car that doesn't have half the features my ten year old one has but its better cause its "New" obviously.... UGGH Wish I had never grown up middle-upper cause maybe then I could join in their stupidity.... These are the same pieces of shit that bitch people in stores and McDonalds, Meanwhile the "evil" woman wearing the Rolex watch cruising in her RX350 is really nice, Wanna know why? Cause cheap rich people suck and poor people who think their the shit are even more.... Rolex watch wearing RX350 driver know's You get what you pay for.... The Kia driver thinks she can get everything new and shiny for nothing.... Everyone should bow to her supreme $22/h ass... I work so hard whine whine whine, Meanwhile Nurse Joy in the RX350 makes double what Kia does, works twice the hours and votes fight for 15 cause she realized? Hmmm when I spend more money, I get better quality...I wonder if they won't screw up my order so much if they can afford the fix the rusty sunfire and eat vegetables.... WOW, What a concept....What else can spending more do for you? "Susan, how come your ten year old RX350 looks better then my brand new Kia?... Because Caroline, I'm not cheap and tacky like you.... I'm spending your year of Kia payments on a trip to Bermuda this year... "But Susan how will poor people know how much more important you are then them? Oh Caroline, there was a sale on leopard print bikinis at Wal Mart and I think the cashier might have gypped you for $1.31 completely on purpose better waste 12 dollars of gas to get that $1.31 savings, Wouldn't want to be seen in last years Wal Mart bikini now would you? "Yeah well Susan I saw your Lexus up at Valu Village the other day.... those mortgage payments catching up with ya eh? "No Caroline, when I want something cheap I buy it at a thrift shop, If I wanted to look cheap I'd shop at Wal Mart with you.... My mortgage just got payed off and I'm retiring next year.... Maybe this years Kia will be as nice as the Lexus I had in 1997.... Should slow down on the McDoubles there Caroline.... You'll stain your good acrylic sweater.... I think theirs a scratch on your new Kia too, better trade it in or people will think your my secretary...... —Big britches


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