I'm bringing bush back

I agree with the bitcher who said men who shave their pubes should stop. It looks so girly and not manly at all. Women should stop shaving their pubes too. Those ingrown hairs are unsightly and bald eagles allow infection in. Hair is there for a reason. I'm a reformed shaver and now a full-bush advocate. I've grown mine in and now have a nice furry little pet. I'm a grown woman and so done with shaving all my body hair to please you delusional porn-0bsessed dummies- cue male tears. I'm bringin bush back baby! Full bush. 70's style afro bush that you're gonna need to hack and fight your way through. This is the new burn the bra movement, only for bush! Grow the pubes, ladies, in protest! Dare to rock the hair. Be a feminist. Grow a bush today. —All the cool people have one

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