I'll stomp if I want

You are the only neighbors that have a problem with me and my partner. Sometimes I wonder what makes you so miserable. I think I can count on one hand the encounters we have had where you said something positive. Almost every time we have talked you complained about something or someone. You have been a bitch and a bully to me and act like a self righteous bitch. You have my number, email, and yet when you have a problem with noise your result to slamming doors repeatedly like a five year old child having a tantrum. I know that our noise has been bothering you but I do not respond to that childish bullshit. Especially when from day one you have had all our contact information and the lines of communication where open to talk if anything was bothering either of us. All I have to say now is grow the fuck up! Maybe get a job or volunteer somewhere instead of sitting inside the apartment all day thinking we are intentionally making noise to piss you off. why don't we just be really honest about this situation, you hate your life because you live with your mom in a tiny two bedroom and you have some sort of fucked uo crush on my fiancé, since you kept saying he is prefect and profusely thanking him for being quit while calling me a horrible person. Bitch please, you are so transparent it's not funny. Even our landlord thinks you are annoying and negative, you complain about anything and everything and as far as I can tell have no life. My suggestion is you go out and get one so you can stop making mountains out of mole hills. —Bitch please

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