Truth & Reconciliation Square

I live next to Cornwallis Park, and walk my dog through it daily on the way to the waterfront. One can't help but notice the red paint splattered on the paving stones. Then again, since I heard about the atrocities Cornwallis committed—bounties on the scalps of Mi'kmaw children and the expulsion of the Acadians—it is disturbing to see him gazing over the Westin. He did it and got away with it. If he were alive, he would be on trial at the Hague. If Halifax really wanted to be in the spirit of the 21st century, we’d erect two other statues—one in commemoration of the Mi'kmaq and the other to the Acadians. Erected in a circle, all facing inwards—it would be a real tourist attraction as well as an acknowledgement of the uglier sides of Canadian history. I would rename the park Truth & Reconciliation Square. It works in South Africa, why not here? Or maybe, in spite of our hospitality to Syrian refugees and all the other good deeds that we perform, we are not prepared to swallow our pride. If Obama can go to Hiroshima, then we can do this. I'm not saying remove Cornwallis, I'm saying leave him and put him in his rightful place. —Christopher Slaby


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