Nova Scotia turned Death Race


To all of you who think you are a race car driver with skill, speed and accuracy on the highway: You are fucking wrong. I didn't realize Nova Scotia increased the speed limit in the right lane to 120km/hr. I also didn't know swerving, flipping off and trying to kill one another was also part of this new NASCAR series.

GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. The fucking speed limit is 100km/h. If you can't read the sign, stay home and eat your feelings because I am tired of road bullies, road ragers following me into parking lots because they're pissed I was FOLLOWING THE LAW. Call me a square, but I've seen accidents and I don't want my car to have my DNA explode all over it when you smash into my car and I bash my brains out. Do you realize what the fuck a wreck looks like at 120km/h? It looks like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that was stepped on, put in a blender and then poured all over the concrete with some shredded metal thrown in the mix.

FYI to you assholes if you note the INCREASE in accidents GET YOUR HEAD out of your ASS and OFF YOUR PHONE and CALM DOWN on the road. Get off EACH OTHERS’ ASS including mine, FOLLOW THE FUCKING RULES OF THE ROAD and stop TRYING TO KILL ME BECAUSE YOU'RE IN A RUSH. OR don't think I should be able to pass you because you're driving a BIG WHITE TRUCK. YOU DICK.

One more thing.

To the DICK in the BIG WHITE TRUCK. Yeah you! When there are TWO LANES  that GO STRAIGHT and the RIGHT MERGES into THE LEFT, trying to fucking KILL ME because you can't stand your little man short dick syndrome self from flipping out if any  woman gets in front of you on the road IS NOT OK. My vehicle also has 6 cylinders, betcha didn't think I knew that did you. You probably can't even change your own tire. Forcing me to literally either drive into the bus stop, get crushed by the asshole behind you up your ass, or try and get ahead of you is ridiculous. You are a mental rage case and I should have gotten your plate. Also don't you DARE flip me off when I beep at you for almost destroying my car. You're a piece of shit and you're a terrible person and a little man with a little shit WHITE PLASTIC JUNK TRUCK. You probably don't even haul anything in that truck but ass. SO to the man in the white truck, hear this from a woman: Learn to control YOUR EMOTIONS. Bitch.

Sincerely, —BIG black Honda that drives like a mom


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