SJW's and the downfall of debate

So I was thinking of a "how-to" in order to deal with the crop of SJW's that seem to infest every facet of our lives these days. To start, I am all for raising awareness of issues. But when awareness is required, I EXPECT objectiveness. I expect a modicum of rational thought. when an opinion is put in place of fact or evidence, I take exception to that. So, when talking to a SJW, I have found that when you differ from their opinion, and state they are wrong about an particular tidbit, despite that they KNOW you actually support the issue they are so passionate about..they often demand imperical evidence. "SOURCE!! EVIDENCE!! FACTS!!" okay just let me pull my cellphone out and use my data just to satisfy you. like I hadn't already researched it before. and even THEN, if you have the necessary evidence to back your point up..they refute it because it doesn't fit what they want to believe....its just bonkers to think that way. SJW's grow up. Please. Shouting and screaming and stifling any sort of debate doesn't make you "right" in fact it just makes you look stupid, look like an asshole and anyone with any REAL sense can see right through you. —Icky

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