Justice?!! you want vengeance, not Justice.

I recently have taken to task people posting meme's about white privilege is the reason why the white rapist was given a higher sentence for the "same" crime committed by a black man. This isn't the case. the black man was convicted on 5 counts of a higher charge but was given a retrial because one of the jurors was a victim of statutory rape and the defence knew it was their only saving grace. they then went to trial on 3 lesser counts of sexual assault because they couldn't convict him a second time on the original charges. the sentencing took into account the 5 counts he was already convicted of. Second thing people have been complaining about. 6 months is not enough for a sentence. This is a case of people not having a CLUE about judicial proceedings. It is well within a judge's capabilities to offer less than statute sentencing, after deliberating with the WEIGHT of all evidence presented to them. Let me tell you that WOMEN are given as the NORM vs the exception lesser sentences for rape and sexual assault. in fact, I looked on a website of women convicted of sex attacks on minors and men, that they often got less than 4 months for similar crimes. only on the ones that involved children younger than 11 did they match times given to men. To all SJW's out there that post a meme that is factually inaccurate. you are morally and ethically bankrupt if you are doing this. You are disingenuous when you post these things. you are lying with inaccurate "evidence" that is easily looked into. Stop making interpretations and using conjecture and accusations to silence someone who is trying to correct you for it. If you want support for your cause...STOP FUCKING LYING. Lastly, when debating or arguing, at least go by the Principals of Debate...instead of braying like a donkey over and over in an effort to drown out anyone who differs with your opinion. —Icky

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