Asshole with the seeing-eye dog

A seeing-eye dog is a specially trained animal whose whole life is to protect and guide you. You can trust it because it loves you. So where the fuck do you get off taking a dog into a crowded bar on karaoke night? Loud music. Crowds. Drunks. And even broken glass on the floor. Even if no one stepped on the dog. Even if it didn't cut its paws on the glass that smashed inches away from it, you still put an innocent animal through hell that night. And for what, so you can sip some beer and giggle with your paaaals? Are you selfish or do you just not give a fuck about your dog's well being? Either way, you'll continue torturing that animal because you are an asshole and there's no cure for that. I hope your friends stop pitying you and you die in lonely darkness. You are absolute garbage and you deserve the life you're living. —Calls Them As I Sees Them

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