IT takes a village...I want an Island

I totally respect, admire and give props to parents out there with kids. Toddlers are like little drunk persons with a severe mood disorder. Angry, sloppy, unpredictable and loud. If you are in a situation where you must live in an apartment with your kids I really think that must be rough. Smaller space, no backyard, thin walls. ICk. However, it was your choice to have kids and my choice not too. I think that single people who do not have children and have no desire to listen to them - should find an adult only building. It makes total sense to have family housing and adult housing. It is not discriminatory, it is a matter of preference. Let the parents help each other in an environment that is kid friendly. Let the dinks and yuppies drink whine and bitch about frivolous things like getting a good nights sleep in peace. I think parents have a hard time as it is raising a family these days, we don't need to add to their guilt. Make the right choice for your situation. —Sleep instead of Diapers is my Life Choice

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