"I'm spending my kids inheritance" That's a bumper sticker I read today. That's fine, it's your money, do what you want with it. However, it's not really their inheritance if you're spending it, it's just money. My question is, did your parents spend your inherentance? And if so, did they rub your nose in it? The baby boomers love complaining about millenials. Well, we learned our selfishness from the best. The funny thing is, we're not nearly as selfish or lazy as boomers and X'ers. It's sad, but true. We are the generation that will have to change the way things are done. The rest of you can continue coasting and complaining. I know I generalized quite a bit there, i realize that life is shades of gray, however it's hard not to generalize when all I hear from older generations is how lazy millenials are. —32 year old young feller

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