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A tire manufacture is planning to leave Nova Scotia. But only after sucking all the tax dollars they can from the province with blackmail of leaving. After NS gave said tire company 7 million dollars to create 50 new jobs in Waterville. They eliminated 500 jobs in Pictou. My math isn't the best but tax payers paying 7 million dollars to lose 450 jobs seems mind boggling to me. The media loves to cover the press releases of 50 new jobs but fail to see the loss of 500 months later.
Where did those jobs go you say? Well said company built a plant in India that makes the same tires we make here in Nova Scotia. And just to add salt to the open wound. They brought dozens of Indian workers here to train them on our machines. (But be nice to them they aren't taking your jobs) Well BOOM 450 jobs are gone in less then 12 months.
If you think that's low and dirty just wait. Now they just announced to build a plant in Mexico that will cost over 1 Billion dollars Canadian. Their reason: To go where the demand for our tires is. Sounds fishy, your right. This companies' tires are premium tires and usually the most expensive tires on the market. How rich is Mexico....? Answer, not very. GM and Ford to name a few all up and moved production to Mexico from Canada and the US for cheep labour and no environmental rules ( just like India ) Said company has known these plans for years and still blackmails the government for tax dollars to keep jobs here. That 7 million Nova Scotia tax payers gave said company wasn't for jobs it was for them to be able to pack up the machines inside the plants here and ship them to Mexico and India.
So when you see a better way forward advertisements talking about community and commitment know its all your tax dollars paying to ship your jobs away from Nova Scotia. Free trade deals made it possible for your jobs to be taken from you and freely moved to 3rd world countries and then have slave labour build shit and sell it back to the same people who now are jobless. When you hear free trade it really means your labour is to expensive and we are freely moving your jobs away —TP

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