Over Entitled Girl Power

If I have to read another goddamn LTWWB published here from some over entitled, unwarrented self worth loving, piece of shit girl power motherfucker whining about how `Men only sleep with them` or `The only dates I get on POF are men that sleep with me` or `I sleep with all these men and none of them stick around`; or the most recent; `You only brought me three beers and I am obviously an alcoholic so only caught a mild buzz and got so mad I wrote a diatribe against you in the local rag`... I`ve been on POF FOR TWO GODDAMN YEARS; and haven`t had a SINGLE FUCKING DATE; and you know what? I literally JUST WANT TO HANG OUT AND NOT TRY TO FUCK YOU... IF YOU FUCK ME, I WON'T DITCH YOU LIKE A USED TISSUE EITHER... So way to go Women of Halifax; you put out for all the creeps and scum of the city; and refuse to talk to anyone who knows how to act like a human fucking being while giving it up to the dogs. On that note; this city is so full of male/female sluts that I'm almost convinced cutting my dick and balls off is the safest thing I can possibly do to protect myself from your oozing, toxic genitalia. —Fucking going Amish

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