Don't touch me

I was having a shitty day to begin with, and then I'm crossing the street on Grafton and a man decides he wants to look at my tattoos. No big deal, I'm a heavily tattooed woman, I'm used to it. I've started telling people they can look but don't touch me as they don't see with their hands. Anyway, this dude wants to look at my arm, puts his hand out and I said "Don't touch me, but you can look at it." So he decides it's okay to go against my wishes, grabs me by the wrist anyway—tightly might I add—and licks his thumb. I am assuming his plan was to try and rub off my tattoos. I immediately pulled my arm out of his grasp and said "They're fucking real dude, don't fucking touch me," and he started laughing and talking shit as I hurriedly walked away. This little interaction completely ruined my day. How dare you touch a woman who voices that she doesn't want to be touched, and then what was your plan? To rub your spit on my fucking arm? What is fucking wrong with you? Don't touch women, period. Don't touch women who say they do not want you touching them. Don't try to lick off my tattoos. You're fucked man. I don't know how any part of your body thought that any of that was ok. I hope you see this and you never touch another woman like that again, and I hope you know you made me feel incredibly violated. Fuck you. —All Tattooed Women


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