At this point, I would pay for Anal Discovery

I am fed the eff up with healthcare in this godforsaken province! I am a 30-year-old woman who is facing losing her job because I have a chronic illness. An illness that requires a procedure for official diagnosis to get the treatment required to live day-to-day. Guess what? IT IS A FREAKING TWO-YEAR WAIT LIST to see GI and get a colonoscopy! That is insane. That is not okay and it is wrong. There is no option for me to pay someone to have the procedure done even if I COULD afford it, so I have to sit here and rot for two years. I have to give up my job I love because I just cannot do it from the effing toilet now can I?! This is a real piss off. I am sure there are people much sicker then I am waiting for these things. Yes it is AWESOME it is free...but what is the point if during the wait period someone dies or has zero quality of life? I just can't take this anymore! —ShitterisFULL!

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