Dear dog owners: please show a basic level of respect

I am stoked that you're out having a fun time with your pup and not just keeping it locked up inside but I am begging you to show a basic level of respect. Being a dog owner doesn't mean you can just act like a total piece of shit. Two tiny things you can do to be a decent person and dog owner:

1) That fenced in dog park by the Commons/Centennial Pool is for service dogs only. You're straight up human garbage if you think that just because it isn't being used you can bring your greyhound, pitbull or whatever in there to run around. It's empty because service dog owners can't go in there because you assholes have taken it over. If you prioritize your own wants over the needs of service dogs and their owners then you need to take a serious look in the mirror.

2) Stop taking your dogs to Conrad's beach and letting them off the leash. I am happy folks have discovered the nicest beach in the HRM but it's also the habitat of the Piping Plover, a protected species. When you bring your dog there and just let it run around off leash its digging up the places where these birds live. Their nests aren't up in the grass, they're on the beach just above the high water mark. When your dog is out there digging around and playing s/he's destroying the