Hey friends. I get it, your job is not the best. Probably either temporary or something you are doing on the side. I always leave a 15% tip on delivery (not 20 as I am usually charged for the delivery anyway), But listen...I don't want to hear you complain about how busy you are. That makes me not want to give you the tip, you know? Like I just want to pay for my stuff and for you to go on your way, I don't want to hear a diatribe about what company ordered a bunch of pizza and why that means you are busy. I literally had one pizza guy who was BEGGING for a tip, not knowing I was going to give one automatically anyway. Whining about how busy he was and 'oh gosh, geez, we're so busy today and this and that' ... stop trying to guilt people into tipping you. For real, it is super pathetic. —Just want mah food in mah belleh


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