Continuously Botching Culture

The local contingent of our national broadcaster should be embarrassed by their lack of production expertise for our National Celebration. The monitors in Parade Square were set too low providing poor sight lines. Two of the three monitors were poor quality projection screens. There was no audio for Gord for the first 5 songs, a complete and total buzzkill . The audio/video portion froze continuously much like watching internet TV with a low bandwidth signal. Yes, it was a free event and am grateful for the opportunity to watch it. I watched a recorded copy and the audio/video was perfect, so this was definitely a local issue. Live events are difficult to set up and difficult to fix if there is an issue, I understand that much. However, corp employees are professionals and have some of the highest paid A/V employees in the country. Setting up live feeds is what they do and Saturday night they failed miserably. —So Hard Done By

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