Tattoos and service

I'm really tired of getting tons and tons of job interviews but when I finally go in they rush and later tell me I'm not qualified. Even in shitty fast food places. I know why, because there's no way with 10years experience working kitchens that I'm 'under qualified' and what it actually comes to is tattoos. Face tattoos. Now don't get me wrong I always get the job when it's back kitchen stay, all back of kitchens are filled to the T with fully tattooed chefs/cooks but it's when I apply for front staff or joints you do it all, my 10year overly qualified resume is 'not qualified' for even a mm easy AF food service in the mall. I'm tired of discrimination like that, it's 2016, everyone and their grandmother is tatted but when it comes to face tattoos it's completely taboo. Im tired of working the line when I know I could thrive in front end service, having face tattoos does not mean I'm not 'approachable' or effect the quality of service recived. I'm a good worker, and excel in every work related opportunity, so why can't employers realize that putting a tattooed face behind the counter WILL NOT effect the rise or drop of cliental it's the service recived and quality of product that makes for a returning satisfied customer. #DontHoldMeBack —Unqualified

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