Canadian Money Worth?

My late starting mornings aside, my first thing check of the news today revealed yet another depressing story, our money is dropping in value. Great. Another knife into the side of struggling Canadians. My first thought is to run to the bank and pull all my savings, as little or none as that may be at the moment, and hide it in the mattress. But because of todays technology, my bills come direct deposit out of my account. So, like many other Canadians, I am over the financial barrel. I have no choice but to allow my poor few hundred dollar savings be in control of the people who have sickening amounts of money. A 10,000 loss to someone who has trillions doesn't mean shit. But to me? 10,000 would change my life forever from the downward struggle that I've been fighting, with millions of other Canadians, just to get by. Money has been a deciding factor in who controls the system. I've never had money, or powerful friends, so I am destined to dream and drudge. Dream of success, even just to be able to pay my bills doing something I love, art, but drudge to a low, shit paying job designed to keep me right there. Making piss ass wages so some dick with a million in the bank sucks bail-out money from my taxes. Money fucked up the whole world and let too many idiots control the system. We can change that but, they gave us some shiny new devices to distract us in the 90s, meanwhile the powers that control the wealth get away with stealing our future more and more everyday. Goddamned swine. —Maybe not


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