Contrary to your believe people know you are the opposite of what you portray to be. Do you ever wonder what justifies your behaviour and if there is anything wrong with deceiving your partner. Are you at all aware that you are conning yourself in thinking your possessions and looks make you a valuable partner? Attributes and things may get you the attention, however you conduct the way you walk through life, the footprint you leave behind is who you are. You should bother to examine your motivating factors for the lies you think you rely on, those lies indicate you are aware what you are trying to conceal is unacceptable and deserve to be put in question, if you think you are entitled to act a certain way why not conceal what you think you are entitled to. Have you ever considered that entitlement is a justification you come up with to do what you want, then why do you feel the need to conceal or lie about it . Maybe you are conning yourself into the believe that you are entitled to do what your gut tells you is wrong and hence you see the need to lie about it to conceal your unacceptable behaviour. If you were to stop the behaviour deemed wrong by your standards, you won’t have a reason to lie OR keep doing what you want but stop pretending you are better then what you are. For as long as you conceal your actions in lies, you camouflage who you are, depriving your love interest of an informed choice to take you as you are to or move on. Does it feel right to you being cared about for without caring about someone. You determine the depth of relationship you can have. So while you think your lies hide your true nature, those speak volumes about who you are once found out, therefore the thing you are most concerned about peoples opinion is the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve with your lies. You are known as a selfish, self absorbed user and predator who uses lies and deceit to conquer a woman’s heart. —Done with you

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