Three years is a long time

We broke things off about 3 years ago, I was a mess emotionally, things got messy we both said things we probably regret. You blocked me from facebook, and completely cut off communication from me for 3 years. I was broken hearted for a good year. I moved on after that year and was ready to be your friend again. I have had crushes on other people and flings. I am not romantically interested in you in the least. You are definitely the wrong person for me, But I feel like a bad person because you completely cut me off from communication. I couldn't even tell you I am sorry. I finally have myself together emotionally and professionally. 3 years is a little much especially since I was the one who got their heart broken. I should have been the one to cut you off, but it definitely would not have been for 3 years If I did. Lets just appologize to each other and get it over with so that there is no more awkwardness when we see each other with friends and we can hang out and have fun. —Reach out to me if you want

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