Let's see real change this election

We as citizens of Halifax Regional Municipality should be demanding much more from our Mayor and Councillors. Are we tired of the lack of garbage cans and filth throughout our city? Are we tired of the lack of benches at bus stops not to mention lack of bus shelters? Are we tired of waiting for buses in the rain, sleet, snow, cold and wind? Are we tired of jumping over snow banks to get on or off buses most of the winter? Are we tired of the half assed job the companies the city contracts out to clear our streets and sidewalks of snow and ice do? Well are we? They don't care about our well being or our safety because they do not have to take these buses and therefore are oblivious to our plights. I propose that everyone who can vote in the upcoming election calls the Mayor and their councilor and demand that they take transit to work a determined amount of days per month as well as Transit management. If not complied with, offenders should be penalized as a deduction on their salary. I think maybe if this should ever happen we would see a remarkable improvement in the clearing of snow and ice. Imagine, seniors with walkers, people in wheelchairs, etc, could actually go outside and take a bus in the winter! Are we tired of the status quo? You bet we are. Let's do something about it. Things don't change because we roll over and take whatever they dish out. If enough of us yell long and loud enough, things will change. They have to. —I want to see the Mayor long jump a snow bank this winter

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