The Maritimes are doomed

I've lived in a lot of places, in Canada and abroad. By FAR the Maritimes is populated with the most small minded, petty, closet-racist, closet-homophobic, Indigenous-hating, we've-done-it-like-this-for-decades-and-our-unwillingness-to-change-will-be-our-ultimate-demise, downright-NIMBY assholes I've ever met. You can't afford NOT to have a carbon tax, morons. Those wind turbines? You don't hate them because they look bad, you hate them because your uncle's cousin once worked at a coal mine before it got shut down and you're blaming the green energy for him losing his job. Immigrants? You don't hate them because they take away jobs, you fuckers refuse to do ANY of the thankless minimum-wage, night-shift, greasy, dirty, dangerous jobs immigrants get stuck doing. No, you hate immigrants because they COME FROM AWAY and anybody who comes from away must be a lower class of person than a proud fucking Nova Scotian! What exactly are you proud of? The high cancer rates? The high poverty rates? The fact you have to send most workers to other provinces for jobs because Nova Scotia has exactly zero prospects for young people? Oh right, that's stopped too now, eh? What a joke. And before you say 'well what are you doing here if you hate it?' I can tell you. Cheap real estate. —I'm Glad I Come From Away, It Means I Don't Have East Coast Syndrome

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