Not ALL Halifax parents support the NSTU!

Hey media outlets, not all of us parents support a teachers strike! Teachers say their Service Award is non-negotiable, so clearly at least part of their problem is the money. They get up to $20,000 at the end of their career through this award, and that's on top of their healthy pension. Should taxpayers pay for that payout? NO! Teachers are also saying they will walk out because they have too much student tracking to do. Please tell me how knowing the strengths and needs of your students is a bad thing? Wouldn't that make customizing your lessons easier? Oh, right, it cuts into the time you have to give extra help—well how about doing that paperwork during the monthly PD day, or during your March Break, or say, during one of your OFF periods? Gee, time management is SO hard. But, please, tell me again how this is “all about the children.” When I was a student teacher I remember the NSTU boasting about how it literally runs the public school system and can get the government to do what it wants if they threaten to strike. That's the type of union attitude that makes me sick. (I did not end up joining the NSTU.) Our children are legally entitled to an education—no, not a babysitting service, but an education. If they go on strike, they are violating our children's legal right to an education, plain and simple. So NO, this parent does not support the NSTU. —Anti-NSTU

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