Old Drugged Driving Entitlement

Seriously old people,why do you drive your cars on multiple pain meds and god knows what other types of mind altering, man made chemical pills your gullible souls shoved into your bodies every single retired day?"Doc knows best!"Sure he does love incentives from big pill companies and certainly not your health ok.. You seniors are getting behind the wheel of a giant piece of metal all slowed down hesitating into slow motion,can't even turn your necks to look both ways backing up or turning due to past ailments and other health issues because of PRESCRIPTION PILLS. Then you old brainwashed motherfuckers have the nerve to spout off about Trudeau legalization of marijuana and worried about "safe roads" and needing some type of breathalyzer????HA! HA! Blows my fucking mind. Some of the worst drivers on the road who are on all sorts of medications a.k.a DRUGS! with some even having horrible side effects including death.......Yet you go on and on about evil marijuana and how bad the roads will be when it is legalized hahahahaa! IDIOTS! The roads are already bad BECAUSE OF YOU and YOUR LEGAL PILLS! Not "the stoners" as you call it based on your 1950's caveman education system of the day. The ones driving on weed right this day are in fact driving better and always have been driving better than you brain washed seniors who think the sky will fall since a Conservative politician told you so. Get off the drugs your doc pushed on you and turn in your drivers licenses before you kill someone who has an entire life of pot smoking ahead of them ye'old Conservative rats. Time fixes everything,you will all be extinct soon. Drink up! —Gravedigger

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