Dear douchebag drivers

Hello douchebag drivers of HRM—I am the driver in front of you who refuses to cave to your tailgating pressure and general douchebag driving habits. Two can play that game, and the more of a douche you are, the more I act like a douche to piss you off. Driving on my rear end on the 102 at 120+ kilometres per hour will only increase my douche level to match yours—namely, I'll follow the posted speed limit and make you do the same. If I was the one genuinely holding you up I would move, but guess what? You and I aren't the only two drivers during rush hour, and if I moved you'd be stuck behind the person I'm stuck behind instead of you being stuck behind me. So get over yourself, it ain't happening! —Choosing When To Be A Douche, Since 1997

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