Classrooms or just more day care centers.

Today i got to see what happens when two millennials get together to make a baby. It was the afternoon of Black Friday and the store was packed. Their child was out of control. Wherever they went in the store, the child was in the way. Some parents don’t want to take responsibility for their kids. That’s one of the biggest problems in our school system. Some parents just want to dump their kids at school and expect the schools to babysit them. The teachers aren’t allowed to discipline the students, so it’s up to the parents to motivate their children pay attention to their teachers and learn. Some parents want to let their kids slide into the next grade—what’s the point? Some parents don’t think their kids need homework. Homework is to allow the dumb kids to keep up. Here’s a solution: for kids that don’t have the intellectual capacity to learn, set up a day care for them. If parents don’t want to push their kids to learn, put their kids  in a day care. Classrooms are for learning, period. Only parents can make their kids behave in class and ensure that classrooms are places of learning. —You Know I'm Right!!!

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