Halifax Transit Killed My Holiday Spirit

I have enough stress from this time of year, trying to do those last minute tasks that can’t be done in advance. I don’t own a car, so I depend on Halifax Transit to get around. Hfx Transit is so f*cked up. As the best of times, I waste an hour a day making connections. This week I got on one of the buses with that asinine audio messaging system!!!!! What a total cluster F*CK!!!! It blasts out message about the upcoming stops, based on street names. If you know the street name, wouldn’t you have the f*cking intelligence to know where your stop is???? We managed for decades without it, we learned how to plan our trips. Today we have the advantage of online maps, and they now include the transit stops. Has the combined IQ of the general population sunk to the bottom of the harbour?? Have all these zombie shows on TV prepared us for the surge of braindead zombies among us???

After a day of shopping, I developed a headache and had to take a bus home. It really is a total clusterF*ck. You can’t talk to anyone with the constant bitchy interruptions, you can’t talk on your phone. I tried to force myself to relax, but the asinine computer voice pushed my headache to migraine status. When I thought of all the things that I had left to do this week, I couldn’t do it. At that moment, I thought’ F*ck it, it’s absolutely not the most wonderful time of the year. I refuse to participate in this shitty social pain in the ass called Xmas. FOREVER.

So you will not be getting gifts from me. Only a simple card with this message: I wish you Happy Holidays. Enjoy time with your friends and family. But Halifax Transit has killed the holiday spirit for me. Hfx transit has become a huge mess, and now the audio messaging has made bus travel very uncomfortable.  I have decided that I MUST get a car. From this point forward, I will be using the money used to buy all gifts, to buy and maintain a car. Not just xmas gifts, all gifts. I place full blame on management at Hfx Transit.
Merry F*CKING Xmas. —Scrooge you, Hfx Transit

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