Tall Ships drinker

to the stupit alcholic who was drinking a tall ship beer in the womans mall washroom today heres a message to ya you alcholic take your alchol problem to the fucken bars and keep your drunken ass there and stay there oh by the way i think i have an idea on who you are ....... so from now on go to the fucken bars and drink your stupit alcholic life away there or do you even know what a bar is?!?!?!.......... hahahaha so let me say this to you one more time and get this message through that thick stupit drunken head of yours GO TO THE FUCKEN BARS AND TAKE YOUR STUPIT ALCHOL PROBLEM TO THE BARS AND STAY THERE AND DRINK YOUR STUPIT ALCHOLIC LIFE AWAY THERE!!! GOT IT!!! —Take your alcohol problem to the bars

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