To the inconsiderate (able-bodied) asshole parked in accessible spot


You were parked in your muscled-up pick-up truck (idling! who still idles their car in 2017, seriously?) in one of the school accessible parking spots waiting to pick up your precious snowflake, without, of course, the required permit. When I pointed to you that you were not supposed to use these spots if you weren't entitled to it, you reassured me with "there are other spots and it's only for a couple of minutes". I thought to myself, “Hey everyone, THE JERK SAID IT'S OK to use an accessible spot WITHOUT A PERMIT if it's only for a couple of minutes, everyone park up! Sorry I was being considerate for people in actual need of those spots, you really eased my conscience there, thanks!” NOT. I really hope that you never become in need of accessibility and have to face inconsiderate assholes like yourself who think the law doesn’t apply to them "if it’s only for a couple minutes." —Considerate (parent of disabled kid) human being

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