Laundry room annoyances




You do understand a laundry room in an apartment building is a shared space because other people DO exist, yes? Those other apartments in the building are occupied by humans known to you as your  fellow tenants…You've probably noticed some of them around from time to time, yes?

So... assuming you're an adult now, it's your responsibility to clean the lint tray, throw your dryer sheets in the garbage instead of leaving them in the machine or dropped on the floor and take care of the dried pieces of tissue you forgot in your pocket again.. Also it'd be awesome if you'd not leave your clean dry clothes in one of the few newer dryers for hours sometimes where some of your fellow tenants might be hesitant to touch them and take them out so they can use the machine, especially on a Sunday when the room is most busy.

In shared spaces the right thing to do is be cool and considerate by cleaning up after yourself, unless of course your mommy or maid or robot are coming behind you to clean up after you, IDK?

Have some fuckin’ respect and consideration, pretty, pretty please —Tired of having to touch your underwear


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